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2018.08.20 Balls Wood © Frieda Rummenhoh

Welcome to the Herts  Environmental Records  Centre website. 

Herts Environmental Records  Centre (HERC) manages  information on habitats, species  and sites across the county. 

Data Enquiries

The data we hold is provided by recorders, professional ecologists and the public. We make this information available to a wide range of individuals and organisations for use in nature conservation, development planning and research. Our database holds just over 3,310,000 records of species, over 4,000 sites and 20,000 habitat records.


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© Frieda Rummenhohl 

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Online Recording

Records can be submitted online at Herts Natural History Society and iRecord. Records submitted online can be used more quickly than those submitted in most other forms. Instructions on how to submit records are available on both web sites and a training guide for iRecord is available here. Please contact us if you require further assistance.

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