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HERC Data Search FAQs

Information on the data search services we provide can be found on our Data Enquiry form, but here are some answers to frequently-asked questions:


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Do standard data search outputs include bat and badger data?

Yes, our standard outputs do include bat and badger data. However, records will be provided at a resolution no greater than 1km grid squares, and some of the attribute detail is removed.


Detailed bat and badger data (grid square resolution is not downscaled, and full attribute detail is available) can be obtained by ordering the Bat and/or Badger Add-on. Bats-only data searches also provide detailed bat data.

Why is there an extra charge for Detailed Bat and Detailed Badger data?

Detailed Bat and Badger data searches are carried out on behalf of the Herts & Middlesex Bat Group and the Herts & Middlesex Badger Group. Most of the extra fee goes towards supporting their work in collecting survey data and providing bat and badger-related advice.

How do I figure out which records centre I should contact for a data search?

The Association of Local Environmental Records Centres has a useful tool which allows you to input a location and select a buffer size. It will return the contact details for the records centre(s) that overlap(s) your search area. You can also view the degree of overlap on the map display.

What do I do if my desired search area overlaps a county boundary?

We have cross-boundary data search agreements with our neighbouring records centres in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire that cover most standard requests. If your site falls within Hertfordshire but the search area extends into any of these counties, send your request to us, and we will request data on your behalf from the other records centre(s) at no additional charge.

If the search area extends into Essex or Greater London, then the only way to procure data for the entire search area is to contact each records centre individually.

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