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New cross-boundary data search services

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Update April 2022: The Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Recording and Monitoring Centre (BRMC) has recently entered into an agreement with the Beds Bat Group to provide bat data searches under a similar arrangement as we have with the Herts and Middx Bat Group. For sites of interest either within Herts or within Beds/Luton, where a data search is ordered which includes detailed bat data, detailed bat data will also be provided by the neighbouring records centre.

From Monday October 11 2021, we are pleased to announce that we will begin a cross-boundary data search service with the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre (BMERC). This offers a seamless and cost-effective data search service. For most search areas that cross our western county boundary, you can now receive all relevant data for your search area with a single data request and a single fee.

How it works:

If your site of interest is in Hertfordshire, but the search radius extends across the county boundary into Bucks, make your data request to us, and we will then request data from BMERC for the overlapping portion of the search area on your behalf and at no additional charge. Any searches from a point input (a central grid reference), or a smallish site boundary with a 1 km or 2 km search radius are covered by the cross-boundary agreement.

Likewise, if your site of interest is in Buckinghamshire, but the search radius extends into Herts, you can make your data request using BMERC's online data search ordering system. When you choose the option to include Herts data, we will receive a notification and send you the results for the Herts portion of the search area.


1. What do I do if I have a large site boundary, or a site boundary that crosses the county boundary?

If you're not sure if your search will be covered under the cross-boundary agreement, feel free to contact us with details of your site of interest and desired buffer, and we will advise. Requests for large sites may still require separate requests to the individual records centres.

2. Can I get Detailed Bat/Badger data for Hertfordshire under the cross-boundary agreement?

In Hertfordshire, bat and badger datasets are held and searched on behalf of the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Bat Group and the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Badger Group and are subject to additional fees. If your site is in Hertfordshire and you request a Bats-only search, a Bat Add-On and/or a Badger Add-On, detailed data for Herts will be supplied. You will also receive bat and badger data from Bucks. If your site is in Buckinghamshire, you will only receive 'basic' bat and badger records (downscaled in grid resolution and attribute content) for Hertfordshire. In this case, if you require the detailed data, please submit an additional request to HERC, and mention that you have put a request in to Bucks as well.

3. Which other neighbouring records centres have cross-boundary agreements in place?

We have current cross-boundary agreements with the Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity Recording and Monitoring Centre (BRMC) and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre (CPERC).

Unfortunately with the closure of the Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre at the end of September, we no longer have a cross-boundary agreement in place for Essex.


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